Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find an answer to your specific question(s), please use our contact page and send your
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Q:    Is New Castle Carpentry bonded?
A:    Yes. New Castle Carpentry is bonded and insured.

Q:    How long will it take to finish my job?
A:    Every project is unique. A general rule of thumb is that it takes two to three weeks for materials to
arrive at your site. After this, the average project is completed in two to three days.

Q:    As a homeowner, we need to use our stairs to get to the bedrooms. Will we be able to do
this if the project last more than a day?
A:    We fully understand and appreciate your needs. We make every attempt to minimize the disruption to
your family. Under normal circumstances we are able to provide safe, temporary stairs for you to use
should the project last more than one day.

Q:    Are your staircases built on-site or are they pre-built in a shop?
A:    Some will argue that one method is better than the other. The truth is, both have distinct advantages
and disadvantages. Shop built staircases, in most situations are dimensionally perfect. The problem is that
the framing in a typical house is rarely perfect. Sometimes it's easier to fit each piece to your house vs.
setting a perfect staircase in an imperfect space. On the other hand, when dealing with complicated
curves, shop built staircases are the only option. At New Castle, we let the project dictate which method is
best for your staircase needs.

Q:    Your website appears to be all about staircases with a few pictures of other carpentry
work. What else can you build?
A:    A custom staircase can be one of the most complicated pieces of carpentry in your house.  This is
what we specialize in as we have the skills required to build a quality staircase. However, there is little we
can't do. Custom-built Cabinets, Fireplace Mantels and Decks are popular items we have crafted. New
Castle has also expanded to Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling.  If you have an idea, tell us what it is and we
will be happy to review it. We enjoy challenges.